Monday, December 8, 2008


Westlake was one of the first pre-planned communities erected post-war. Located just south of San Francisco in Daly City, this community is something of a time capsule. San Francisco photographer, Todd Lappin, has an impressive flickr stream featuring a variety of the the houses. 
"America's Most Perfect Ticky-Tacky Suburb" was even the subject of Malvina Reynolds' song "Little Boxes." 
These houses are colorful little gems. While their architecture may be similar [or the same] as their neighbors', they each have a distinctive personality which is reflected through a unique color palette. The same can not be said for the character-less compounds constructed by modern homebuilders where HOA's restrict homeowners from any type of expression. 

Check out Todd's blog for more information on this quirky suburb. 

what happens when you recover a couch with school uniforms

I am starting to seriously doubt Domino. I have been a subscriber since the magazine began [yeah that's right, charter subscriber baby!] but lately, I have been less than wowed with many of their pages. First came this. And now, their December 2008 issue features a room that, quite frankly, looks like a catholic school girl threw up all over the couch, plus a little bit on the lampshades. 
Now I understand the room is supposed to transform a "summer room" into a "winter room" but a. does that have to include tartan plaid? b. couldn't you switch out the zebra rug that only makes you dizzy when combined with the tartan plaid and c. why not remove the CORAL [read tropical beaches] from the corner book shelves?! Oye Vey. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a complete tartan hater. I believe that if used sparingly and tastefully it can be good. Not that I've seen this, but I am hopeful that it can in fact be done. Somewhere

Mimosa for 2009

Pantone has predicted that amidst the gloomy economic outlook for the future, a bright and cheerful yellow color will take the stage as an influential color in 2009. Specifically, Pantone cites this orange tinged yellow color, Mimosa. 

Both in fashion and home goods, Pantone predicts that the public will embrace the optimistic color. Yellow tones have already made their high fashion debut amidst the spring collections of designers such as Carolina Herrera, Michael Kors, Zac Posen and Badgley Mischka which were previewed earlier this fall. 

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Home Sweet Shell

This "Shell House" reminds me of Swiss Cake Rolls that I used to eat when I was little...but maybe I'm just hungry...
But the inside is really cool. 

keep calm and wipe your feet.

I've been planning to buy one of these reproduction screen prints for my room just as soon as I figure out what the final arrangement/furniture selection will be but how cute would this rug be at our side door? Love it. It's available via Pedlars in either blue or red. Not quite as many color options as the print but still really cute!!