Thursday, February 26, 2009

commander in writing.

OK people. As soon as people start getting jobs, interest rates return to sane levels, and people are once again traveling, shopping and dining, then maybe we can nominate him for sainthood, but shouldn't he have to prove himself worthy of such martyrdom? 

The latest in the Obama-rama is a new font based on the 44th president's handwriting [he's a leftie]. It can be yours for just $15.95 - 20% of which goes to charity. Now  you can sign your own legislation, or something like that... 

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

seeds of cards

Dowling Design created these adorable business cards for a Garden Designer. They are shaped like the little makers you stick in your garden and the horizontal lines  breaking up the contact information even help give it a similar feel. 

I really love seeing fun innovative business cards, but there is a downside to designing them. While they are likely to garner attention when handing them out, the drawbacks are that they are harder to slip into your pocket or business card holder when out and about networking, and they also do not fit into traditional rolodexes [some peoples still use them!], nor do they fit into those business card books. 

the ultimate promise.

These fonts truly make my skin crawl. My favorite art dept. professor ever in college used to just go off on tangents about the evilness that is the comic sans type and I think that everyone should be forced to sign it... or maybe we should just destroy the fonts altogether. The poster is available via Lure Logic

lather. rinse. repeat.

How fun is this package design from Living Proof? Not sure how easy it would be to open the bottom one with wet hands...

Monday, February 23, 2009

the weather outside is frightful

In just over two months I will be here - sunny Key Largo, Florida- where I will spend the days sipping some tropical drink with an umbrella. This is all that is getting me through this miserable coldness. I HATE cold. I had to wear gloves for the first time in 3 years this winter and I am not happy. The resort also has a gaming boat 3 miles offshore with a water shuttle everyday.... not gonna lie, I sort of miss the sound of slot machines... 

Friday, February 20, 2009

p.s. i'll miss you

While news of Domino's tragic folding occurred during my hiatus from this blog, i would like to take back all of the mean things i said about Domino. i apologize for my impatience. i apologize for the kelly wearstler comments. i apologize for the tartan comments. i just want to be able to go to my mailbox and get a new issue! this can't really be the end of our beautiful friendship can it? i was a charter subscriber! does that commitment mean nothing? 

and on that note, why in the last issue [that arrived after the announcement of its demise] did they have to insert those little subscription cards?! to taunt me?! to twist the knife into my gut a little further?! 

life's a dream at lorien

There's a new hotel in town. OK, not IN town, but pretty close. Lorien Hotel & Spa has just opened in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia - just across the Potomac River from DC. The hotel will be managed by Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants and features three dining outlets by celebrated chef Robert Wiedmaier sure to suit traveling epicurean palates. World class designer Vicente Wolf was enlisted to create "Kimpton's crown jewel of the Washington, DC metropolitan region." Lorien artfully blends contemporary chicness with the air of traditionalism - appropriate for such a historic setting. Trellis style headboards crawl up the robins egg blue walls [probably giving housekeepers migraines] while a claw foot bathtub stands guard in the elegant gray slate bathroom. An iHome and 42" flat screen provide modern conveniences while wing backed chairs provide a historical punch to the rooms. 
I am really looking forward to visiting Lorien [hopefully while they are still running their grand opening promotional sales for a couple reasons. The first, the amateur graphic designer in me really enjoys the logo. It embodies the blend of old and new so prevalent throughout the hotel itself. And most importantly, I love the rooms. They [almost] remind me of softer, slightly more traditional versions of the rooms at Red Rock. The color palette of  blue, gray and white creates an inviting and calming sanctuary. Plus, they have a full service spa!! 

Every Kimpton hotel tells a story, and at Lorien, it's a dream! Seriously, it's all about cultivating the perfect dream experience. 

Other highlights include: 
* 24 hour in-room dining [important for night owls like me]
* Complimentary use of bicycles for touring Old Town - plus chef Wiedmaier will pack you a picnic to take with you - I can already see myself sitting by the river snacking on gastronomical delights!
* Pet friendly! 
* Their Forgot it? We've got it! service provides more than the substandard emergency toothbrush - should you find yourself in need of an extension cord they're there for you!