Tuesday, October 28, 2008

tracey butler

I found Tracey Butler through Desire to Inspire and am completely obsessed with her rooms. She has a beautiful, extensive online portfolio and if you look at it you will notice how many different, creative lighting fixtures she uses throughout the rooms that really tie the room together. 

the taste of a new logo

The Pepsi logo has come a long way since its first hand-drawn logo in the 1800s. They recently unveiled new logos for their drinks...they are very futuristic looking and personally, I think they should have gone more classic - especially in a time when people are so worried and uncertain, what better time to go back to an old "friend"? But that's just my opinion. Take a look at the evolution of the logo for yourself. 

And the newest version debuted by Pepsi: 

So the logo is supposed to be a smile, or a grin if you will. I think it would have been cool to go back to an updated version of the circa 1973 logo. 

Thursday, October 23, 2008

my favorite chair friends

Le Corbu, Mies, MacIntosh, Aarnio, Jacobsen, Eames... I will probably never be able to afford one of their chairs...ok I may not even be able to afford a reproduction of their chairs...but thanks to Chiasso I can have miniatures... which are still a bit pricey for "dollhouse furniture." 

But I could afford this "Chair Eye Exam" poster by Blue Art Studio. I have a deeply rooted fear of eye exams, I can't really explain it other than that I panic before them and am convinced I am going to fail. This might be the perfect way of getting me over that fear...or helping me practice with some beautiful designer chairs on my walls. This poster would have come in handy in college when I had to memorize all of these designers. 
But where is the Rietveld chair? 


Love this medicine cabinet filled with "vintage" mismatched yard sale finds by Martha Stewart. Something tells me that if I were to try to match so many different pieces it would not come off nearly as elegant. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

my kind of dinner

I have never been that interested in food. While I've always enjoyed nice restaurants, it was mainly for the opportunity to dress up, drink wine, and "feel cultured." It has never been about the food. My new firm represents a number of top restaurants and chefs and I'm finding myself more and more interested in food. No, still not for the food, but for the artistic nature of it. In particular, I've taken a keen interest in cakes. I am obsessed with cakes now and have begun watching cake shows on the food network - I'VE NEVER IN MY LIFE WATCHED OR CARED TO WATCH THE FOOD NETWORK. 

Anyways, as soon as I figure out where to buy "fondit" I plan on breaking out the cake mix just so I can try to "sculpt" some cake. Cupcakes have always been one of my few food loves. I saw this picture of  "TV Dinner Cupcakes" on Black*Eiffel and thought it was so fun and cute - and my dream dinner! 


Dear Domino, 

WHERE IS MY NEW ISSUE?! I changed my address forever ago and yet I see no magazine :( It makes me want to cry. 

Pink Firefly

P.S. Ditto to Real Simple & Vanity Fair...and whatever other magazine's I have subscriptions for but forget about until they arrive. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

playful spaces

Bruno Taylor injects some play into your day. 
"The project is a study into different ways of incorporating play into the public realm by not so much as having different play equipment that dictates the users but by using existing furniture and architectural elements that indicate playful behavior for all." -Bruno Taylor

Maybe I would be more inclined to use public transportation if I could play while doing so? Can we have a slide off of the bus? 

[via wooster]

political walls

Now you can show your partisan loyalty in ways other than yard signs - wallpaper! Given Campbell has created Election Wallpaper in honor of the 2008 election. Each party's wallpaper comes in either the "party color" or you can select a custom color. 

Friday, October 17, 2008

jack-o-lanterns with style

Eddie Ross, from Bravo's Top Design, has created some really cute [and slightly more sophisticated] versions of Jack-O-Lanterns. He created them using a drill - that's right. Throw those flimsy pumpkin carving tools away and bring out the big guns for this project. 

I heart monograms. Even in pumpkins!

For apartment dwellers who don't have yards or porches, Eddie suggests using them in the place of candles when entertaining. 

under the bar

Check out this clever bar/sideboard solution from Southern Living. Make a basic frame out of wood and give it a skirt and voila! They used it as more of a sideboard, but it would work just as well as a bar. 
With the skirt down its an elegant party solution. 
Underneath there's plenty of room for all of your entertaining necessities

Monday, October 13, 2008


The new house. 

Perfection in a cape cod. Ok, except for the whole weird mailbox thing [which I have blurred the numbers on so don't even try reading them], but apparently that's how some people roll up here when they get too much mail for the little wall mounted boxes. The new house is in a cute sidewalk lined neighborhood [with a cop living across the street for extra security!], just down the street from the metro, and has the charm of an old cape, but with more space because of an addition. Plus it has a big yard and  a deck perfect for barbecues! Oh, did I mention it has hardwood floors throughout, an adorable fireplace, and fun slanted walls in some of the bedrooms! Some might call this love. Be jealous. Be very jealous :)

Mario & Luigi take the bus

Behold the Arlington Transit logo. This logo adorns the busses that shuffle weary commuters to and from the metro...and wherever else busses go. 

Now, behold the old school Nintendo logo. 

Look familiar? Change the colors a little bit and...

Yeah. That's what I thought. 

Think Pink

When I was decorating my dorm room in college my heart was set on finding a bright pink comforter. Well, I was just a bit before my time. My mom and I searched the entire city in search of a pink comforter, it had to be just right - not baby pink, not fluorescent pink, more like a petunia pink. Alas we could never find one, and I settled in on white comforter with  madras-style center squares [perhaps be beginning of my obsession with white?]. Anyways, now pink is EVERYWHERE. It seems like everywhere I look I see a perfect pink comforter and it really drives me nuts. However, at no time is this abundance of pink more apparent than during October - also known as National Breast Cancer Awarness Month and in honor of this month, I've compiled a bunch of pink furnishings and rooms. 

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Windsor Smith Home Collection

Windsor Smith Home Collection has some really nice pieces. They are traditional but have a flirty feel to them. Make sure and check out the found objects! 
This is probably my favorite! How adorable is this pink Chloe Sofa? 
So remember my quest to find my dresser, well here is a pretty close match... although slightly out of my price range... 

This chair is pretty adorable too. 
This fabric comes in different colors and my mind is already racing about what I could cover with it.