Thursday, November 27, 2008

Jesse Kirsch

Graphic designer Jesse Kirsch has created some fun packaging. I really like the simplified style that truly embraces the form follows function element. There isn't a lot of wasted, superfluous material on these packages, just the necessary information. 

Tazaa Soap- I really like these cute little packages. They remind me of a fun version of the periodic table of elements. 

Deep Water- Because really, you want your water to be pure and un-fussy, so why clutter up the packaging with random elements of fake mountains and other unnecessary distractions. 
I love these packages. They are chic in their own way but completely practical. When you're digging around in a drawer or on a shelf why not have everything clearly labeled. And yet it has a certain retro vibe that makes it stylish.. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

no poison with this water

 I have to admit that while I heard Nalgene bottles were "poisonous" a long long time ago, I have been hesitant to part with my beloved water bottles. However, if someone will pony up the $29 for this beautiful, sleek water storage device, I might consider parting with my BPA filled Nalgene bottles... the key word was might. KOR's Hydration Vessel - a sleek, streamlined water bottle, is the Nalgene bottle of tomorrow. Made with Eastman Tritan, it is BPA free and [at least for now] won't leach into your water and slowly poison you. The bottle is inspired by blown glass and features a "no worry cap" and handle for your carrying convenience. 

skip to my lou...lou

It's all about marketing to the next generation of buyers right?Secure devotees young and you've got them for life. Well, Philippe Starck has jumped on the bandwagon and has come out with the Lou Lou Ghost Chair, a smaller [measuring just 25 inches high] version of the phenomenally popular iconic Louis Ghost Chair [also found throughout various Pinkberry locations]. The mini-me chair by Kartell is available for just $130...for a child size plastic chair. I'm not sure about you, but when I was a child and had a plastic table and chairs I think I drew on it...but then again I also drew on my grandmother's antique chair as well [it was the creative side of me]. 

Monday, November 24, 2008


check me out on thoughts from meggie poo. 

the little forest

Where some see a discarded toilet paper tube, others find art. Yuken Teruya has created "Corner Forest" out of nothing more than an empty toilet paper tube- and I thought I was clever giving them to my pet hamsters as a child so they could burrow in them. The more you hang, the bigger your forest grows. Very cool. Teruya creates art out of everyday items to reflect on contemporary society. 

[via laissezfaire

Thursday, November 20, 2008

battle of the stairs

I have learned a hard lesson. Cute old houses come with cute narrow stairs. OK, so I might have known that part, but I didn't realize that it would make buying a new mattress & box spring set so difficult. My poor box spring had to be shipped back to the warehouse, and alas, I am currently on my mattress, on the floor. GRRR. In honor of this tragic experience, I have collected an assortment of "unique" beds for your perusal. 


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Not for chickens.

Clever alternative to a bulletin board- chicken wire from arugula press. 

Thursday, November 6, 2008

moxie- stay pretty

Say hello to Moxie. Available only in the UK & Australia right now, these are the cutest feminine products ever and their tag line is appropriately, "stay pretty." They either come in chic little tins that you can throw in your purse [that also protect the packaging from accidentally splitting open] or in "boudoir boxes." Adorable. Stay Pretty. 

jr watkins

JR Watkins produces natural gourmet, personal care, and home care products - and did I mention how absolutely beautiful their vintage feel packaging is?