Wednesday, March 25, 2009

goodnight sweetheart

One of my absolute favorite things about warm weather is outdoor living. The best thing in the world is a screened porch. I love to sit outside at night and listen to the crickets and other creatures making little noises; that gentle hum and buzz is so soothing. Plus they are so nice in the spring and summer showers. I love listening to the rain. 

I grew up with a screened porch and will absolutely have one when I buy a house. It's a requirement and on that required porch will be some sort of day bed so that I can sleep away summer nights on the porch. I loved turning it into a sleeping porch and fall asleep to the sounds of the bugs. Maybe it goes back to my days at summer camp, but there is nothing quite like falling asleep to that sound. 

Sleeping porches first gained popularity at the turn of the 20th century. It was believed that the fresh air helped those with respiratory illnesses, specifically tuberculosis. Here are a few variations of the classic sleeping porch: 

This last one looks more like a camp cabin or something. How fun would it be to have sleepovers on this porch all summer long? 

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